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By kristalamb
Posted date: August 13, 2019
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This seventh joint annual symposium of SQLNM, CMDO Network and COLosSUS congress, aimed at maintaining the efforts to improve the health of the Quebec population with respect to diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiometabolic and vascular disorders, took place at the Hôtel Chéribourg, Magog-Orford on February 6-8, 2019.  Diabetes Action Canada sent four Patient Partners as Scientific Ambassadors to this event which also highlights the Francophone Quebec week dedicated to education on cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity in February each year.

For two days, the scientific ambassadors took part in four symposia which covered several themes related to cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity and attended presentations from Dr. Bruce Perkins and Dr. Pedro Geraldes, winner of the 2017 CMDO Network Young Investigator Award. In the report below, we will give a brief overview of the topics covered and present the various points of view expressed by the ambassadors about their experience.

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