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Season Three of the Actions on Diabetes Podcast is Available Now

Season Three of the Actions on Diabetes Podcast is Available Now
By kristalamb
Posted date: June 01, 2023

Our popular podcast, Actions on Diabetes, is back for a third season.

This season, host Krista Lamb talks with a new group of researchers and patient partners about Diabetes Action Canada projects that are making a difference for people living with diabetes.

From islet biologists learning how to work with people with lived experience, to health coaching and mental health supports, this season is full on stories about innovative and engaging research programs you’ll want to learn more about.

New episodes can be found on our website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or the podcast provider of your choice.

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Islet Biologists Embrace Patient-Oriented Research

Think Patient Partners can’t participate in discovery-level research? Think again!

Host Krista Lamb talks with Dr. Rob Screaton from the University of Toronto, Patient Partner Zoe Hilton and trainee scientist Cassie Locatelli. These three guests are working on a project incorporating Patient Partners into an islet biology training program.

Health Coaching Program Research Project

Host Krista Lamb talks with Dr. Diana Sherifali from McMaster University’s School of Nursing and Patient Partner Seeta Ramdass who are working together on a project aimed at using virtual health coaching to better support people living with type 2 diabetes.

Reshaping How we Research Type 1 Diabetes

On this episode of Actions on Diabetes, host Krista Lamb will be chatting with two guests who are looking at ways to improve the coordination of care for people living with type 1 diabetes. The Reshape T1D project tries to understand how people interact with the health care system by involving those living with T1D and their clinicians in designing the research process.

Our guests are Jamie Boisvenue, a PhD student at the Alberta Diabetes Institute and the University of Alberta, and Patient Partner Kathleen Gibson. They are hoping to highlight have lived experience to help clinicians provide better patient-forward care.

Learn more about Reshape T1D. 


Diabetes Action Canada Joins the WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact

Diabetes Action Canada Joins the WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact

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