T1D Who is in our network

T1D Who is in our network

Who is in our Network?

We are at 85 members and counting!

Our Network of researchers and clinicians working in T1D is meant to be a collaborative research consortium to assemble Canadian expertise in T1D and promote the research efforts to facilitate scientific advances. Diabetes Action Canada is a CIHR Strategic Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Network in chronic disease with a mandate of improving the lives of those living with diabetes. Our research programs works closely with people living with T1D (PLwT1D) to co-create research projects that address the unique challenges encounter by those living with T1D. We are investigating new technologies to enable connections and engagement with the T1D Community to facilitate clinical research initiatives across the country. We also enable connections with various research disciplines (i.e KT, Patient Engagement, Sex and Gender, Health Technology Assessment) to bolster research proposals, implementation, and knowledge dissemination.

Diabetes Action Canada | SPOR Network
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