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By kristalamb
Posted date: January 08, 2019

Women’s Xchange, Diabetes Action Canada’s Sex and Gender Enabling Research Program, has created an interactive and accessible toolkit comprised of 7 e-learning modules focused on the incorporation of sex and gender in research. Women’s Xchange has developed The Health Researcher’s Toolkit: Why Sex and Gender Matter to be as comprehensive as possible, addressing a variety of research methodologies. Sex and gender can be effectively integrated into all research design by asking specific gender questions on questionnaires, disaggregating data by sex or taking a mixed-methods approach – these modules provide a diverse array of strategies to optimize your research in order to become more inclusive.

The modules were reviewed by Diabetes Action Canada’s Patient Partner group and feature the stories of two Diabetes Action Canada Patient Partners. They highlight the importance of Diabetes Action Canada’s Patient Circles and how this model can be used by other researchers to engage with vulnerable groups and populations. The Health Researcher’s Toolkit: Why Sex and Gender Matter provide Diabetes Action Canada research teams with the practical knowledge they need to further enhance the quality of their work.

To access these the Health Researcher’s Toolkit please visit the Women’s Xchange website here


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