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Training Opportunities

Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research – Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC)


What is TUTOR-PHC? This capacity building program has two components. First is an intensive three-day symposium where trainees learn about foundational principles of interdisciplinary primary health care research and meet colleagues and mentors from across Canada and internationally. The second component of this year long program comprises on-line workshops and small group learnings that cover: 1) interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral collaboration skills; 2) patient and community engagement in research; 3) leadership and primary and integrated health care; 4) mixed-methods research; 5) proposal writing in a collaborative teams; and 6) strengthening trainees’ own research – helping to propel ideas in research into publications, collaborative efforts and grant proposals.

Audience :

students (including undergraduate and graduate), health system/care, practitioners or professionals

Type :

Programs & Courses

SPOR or Network :

Ontario SSU

Status :