Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet: A Type-1 Diabetes Research Network Screening Relatives of people with T1D and Innovative Clinical Studies

In our June 2019 newsletter we featured the ground-breaking news that the anti-CD3 antibody, Teplizumab, originally intended to protect new organs after kidney transplantation, could deactivate T cells that are targeting insulin producing beta cells.  This in turn could delay the onset of type-1 diabetes for those with close family members living with the condition.  What we didn’t mention was that those who participated in this study were recruited through the international research network called TrailNet.  TrialNet, funded by the National Institute for Health, offers risk screening for relatives of people living with type-1 diabetes and conducts innovative clinical studies to preserve insulin production.  The TrialNet Network includes 25 Clinical Centres and over 200 affiliated sites across North America, Europe, UK and Australia.  In Canada, the coordinating site operates out of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and has 10 affiliated sites in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, London, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Ottawa, Halifax and St. John’s.   Together these sites offer free Pathway to Prevention screening to evaluate the personal risk of developing T1D for relative of those living with the disease.   This minimally invasive blood test can detect autoantibodies that are predictive of developing T1D and those with these autoantibodies will have an opportunity to be monitored to ensure that if disease progression were to occur, that acute DKA and other complications are avoided.  Furthermore, those at risk of developing T1D can participate in prevention and insulin preservation trials to contribute to ground-breaking research, like the Teplizumab trial.  We are excited to be working collaboratively with TrialNet as Diabetes Action Canada develops our digital patient and researcher platform to connect those living with T1D with clinical research opportunities.  For more information on TrialNet you can visit their site here.

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