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Connect1d Webinars


Connect1d Canada is a patient-driven digital platform that allows those with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to easily learn about advances in innovative care, while contributing to Canadian research in the areas that matter most to them. Connect1d Canada also allows researchers to easily engage people living with T1D of diverse backgrounds from across Canada, enabling rapid recruitment into research studies.

Connect1d – Narrated Video for Researchers

22 March 2021
This video was created to demonstrate Connect1d for researchers using the platform to upload studies and recruit participants.

Connect1d – Narrated Video for Participants

16 February 2021
This video was created to demonstrate the functionality of the Connect1d platform for those interested in joining.

Find Out How Connect1d Can Help Your Research Program

22 March 2021
Do you conduct type 1 diabetes (T1D) research studies? This webinar, designed for the research community, will provide more information about Connect1d and how it can help improve the recruitment process.

Connect1d – Sneak Peek

21 January 2021
This webinar has a walkthrough of the Connect1d platform and an update on how our Patient Partners and community members helped to create this valuable resource.