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Knowledge Mobilization

The gap between what we know and what we do persists in healthcare. On average, it takes 17 years to translate evidence from discovery into practice, which can lead to patients not receiving treatments of proven effectiveness, and healthcare professionals and policy makers not getting or using the information they need for optimized decision-making. Dr. Monika Kastner, lead for the Diabetes Action Canada Knowledge Translation program will discuss the importance of knowledge translation and implementation science and how they can be used to significantly shorten the period between discovery and application of knowledge to narrow the know-do gap.

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WHAT is KM and WHY is it important?

WHAT is KM and WHY is it important?

Knowledge Mobilization Basics. Learn how we move research results to the ‘real world’ so that we can positively improve health systems, how people access these systems and the health of all those living with diabetes in Canada