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Research Spotlight – Patient Engagement and Knowledge Translation

This French language session featured the work of Diabetes Action Canada post-doctoral fellowship awardees, Dr. Ruth Ndjaboue, Knowledge Translation fellowship awardee, Choumous Mannobi and trainee, Alexe Deom Tardiff. Topics and speakers include:

  • Personal Impact Story: Sylvie Dostie
  • A patient-initiated research project to improve diabetes management and care
    • Presented by: Ruth Ndjaboue
  • Needs analysis and co-design of a tele-nutrition platform for the therapeutic management of patients with chronic diseases
    • Presented by: Choumous Mannobi
  • Application of Knowledge Focused on Sex and Gender for People in French-language Context: Co-creation of continuing professional development training for people experiencing diabetes and depression
    • Presented by: Alexe Deom Tardif

*Moderator: Olivia Drescher

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Research Spotlight – Knowledge Translation

Our webinar series continues in October with our research spotlight featuring our Knowledge Translation program. Please note that all presentations will occur in French.