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Diabetes Action Canada

Our Network consists of a diverse team of patient partners, researchers, diabetes specialists, primary care practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, data specialists, and health policy experts committed to improving the lives of persons living with diabetes.

Recent News

Diabetes Action Canada Joins the WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact

13 April 2023
Diabetes Action Canada is proud be a member of the World Health Organization’s Global Diabetes Compact. The Compact, which has a vision of, “responding to the increasing burden of diabetes around the world,” was launched in 2021 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Comprised of members from diabetes organizations around […]

An exciting update about Connect1d Canada!

27 March 2023
We are pleased to announce that the Data Transfer Agreement requirement for researchers to use Connect1d Canada is no longer in place. Interested research teams now only need Research Ethics Board approval to use the service. This provides much more flexibility and accessibility for the platform and we hope it will encourage many more research […]

Congratulations to Dr. Maureen Markle-Reid on Her Retirement

23 March 2023
We are pleased to celebrate the career of Dr. Maureen Markle-Reid, a Diabetes Action Canada investigator and a trailblazer in designing, implementing, evaluating, and scaling-up integrated and patient-oriented interventions to improve care and outcomes for older adults with multimorbidity (> 2 chronic conditions) including diabetes. She retired in January 2023 as a Professor in the […]


Research Spotlight – Training and Mentoring

Diabetes Action Canada is thrilled to restart its highly successful webinar series. For September, we will highlight the Training and Mentoring Program and the work of our awardees and trainees.


Diabetes in the South Asian Community

Diabetes in the South Asian Community

Episode two features Amina Khan and Dr. Ananya Banerjee discussing their work on a research program that’s investigating type 2 diabetes risk in the South Asian community and breaking down some of the stereotypes.

Amputation Prevention

Amputation Prevention

On episode four, Patient Partner Tom Weisz and Dr. Charles de Mestral discuss the work being done by the Diabetes Action Canada foot care and amputation prevention team, which is looking at community-based approaches to improving treatments and avoiding lower limb amputations.

New Knowledge Mobilization Tools and Consultation Service Available

17 March 2023
 Our Knowledge Mobilization (KM) team is pleased to launch two new resources for Diabetes Action Canada’s community as part of our DAC 2.0 KM Plan.  “WHAT is Knowledge Mobilization and WHY it matters”, is the first in a series of 5 short videos that describe the basics of knowledge mobilization in simple, straightforward language. Watch the video […]

New Article from CIHR Highlights DAC Indigenous Patient Circle

16 March 2023
A recent article from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) shares highlights from the work of the Diabetes Action Canada Indigenous Patient Circle and the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program (IYMP). The article includes interviews with Dr. Jon McGavock and Patient Partner Sasha Delorme, who highlight the work they are doing to improve outcomes for […]

Odds are there is a woman in your life living with diabetes – she deserves better research

15 March 2023
In March, Laura Syron, President & CEO of Diabetes Canada, published an op-ed in Healthy Debate looking at the need for increased research on diabetes in women. As she writes, “Women deserve better, including more thoughtfully designed clinical and research studies, particularly when it comes to chronic conditions.” Visit the Healthy Debate website now to […]

Facts on Diabetes

  • A diabetes diagnosis occurs every 3 minutes in Canada

  • Over 3 Million Canadians have diabetes and millions more are at risk of developing diabetes

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working-age Canadians

  • Diabetes and its complications cost the health care system $27 billion in 2018

  • Up to half of Canadian Indigenous Adolescents have multiple risk factors for type-2 diabetes


Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring

Ensuring patient-oriented research remains top-of-mind by training the next generation to see it as a critical part of their approach to research.
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy through accessible screening methods and advanced technology.
Older Adults with Diabetes

Older Adults with Diabetes

Providing individualized solutions that help more people live longer, healthier lives with diabetes while avoiding complications.

Get Involved

Become a Patient Partner

Become a Patient Partner

Diabetes Action Canada aims to integrate the patient perspective into every step of the research process including developing research questions, defining research objectives, collecting data and evaluating results; however, while some patients have the readiness to contribute as full members of research teams, others may bring a range of expertise such as in ethics or as knowledge brokers.
Become an Associate Member

Become an Associate Member

For individuals appointed to a university, academic hospital or research institute who are engaged in diabetes-related research and interested in contributing to the mission and vision of Diabetes Action Canada. Learn about how you can become an Associate Member!


Our partners share in our mission to transform the health outcomes of people with diabetes and its related complications. Industry stakeholders have the opportunity to partner with Diabetes Action Canada, the first and only nation-wide collaborative network focused on the prevention of diabetes complications, and play an active role in achieving our goals.