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Diabetes Action Canada

Our Network consists of a diverse team of patient partners, researchers, diabetes specialists, primary care practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, data specialists, and health policy experts committed to improving the lives of persons living with diabetes.

Recent News

Researcher Profile – Dr. Alexander Singer

22 November 2023
As Diabetes Action Canada’s focus on digital health solutions deepens, the organization is pleased to welcome two new leads for these projects: Dr. Alexander Singer and Braden O’Neill. This is the first of two profiles to introduce them. Dr. Alexander Singer has always been curious. He was the kid who raised his hand in class, […]

New study looks at essential requirements for the governance of data repositories

23 October 2023
In September, a team of researchers led by Dr. Alison Paprica from the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health in Toronto, and Diabetes Action Canada’s Conrad Pow and Dr Michelle Greiver, published a new paper in the International Journal of Population Data Science. The publication, Essential […]

Diabetes Action Canada Celebrates the work of Dr. Michelle Greiver

16 October 2023
Dr. Michelle Greiver recently completed her five-year term as Cheesbrough Chair in Family Medicine Research at North York General Hospital, where she led the University of Toronto Practice based Research Network, UTOPIAN. As she wrapped up that role, Greiver has also stepped down from leading Diabetes Action Canada’s National Diabetes Repository. While she will continue […]


T1D and AI in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

This webinar featured projects from our trainees from across the country with representation from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec.


Reshaping How we Research Type 1 Diabetes

Reshaping How we Research Type 1 Diabetes

On this episode of Actions on Diabetes, host Krista Lamb will be chatting with two guests who are looking at ways to improve the coordination of care for people living with type 1 diabetes. The Reshape T1D project tries to understand how people interact with the health care system by involving those living with T1D and their clinicians in designing the research process.

Our guests are Jamie Boisvenue, a PhD student at the Alberta Diabetes Institute and the University of Alberta, and Patient Partner Kathleen Gibson. They are hoping to highlight have lived experience to help clinicians provide better patient-forward care.

Learn more about Reshape T1D. 

Diabetes and Homelessness

Diabetes and Homelessness

Episode one features an interview with Patient Partner Anna DiGiandomenico and University of Calgary researcher Dr. David Campbell who discuss their work on a research program that’s shedding light on the impact of homelessness on diabetes treatment and care.

T1D Screening Program Engages Patient Partners

26 September 2023
CanScreenT1D is a new project led by Diabetes Action Canada collaborator, Dr. Diane Wherrett, who is a Pediatric Endocrinologist at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. The program is a national consortium that will explore screening for type 1 diabetes (T1D) in Canada. This summer, CanScreenT1D received $12 million in funding from the CIHR-JDRF […]

Tamara Beardy Completes 900K Run for Diabetes Awareness

21 September 2023
Tamara, who is a member of the northeastern Manitoba First Nation, also works as a Research Coordinator with the DREAM Diabetes group in Manitoba. Her daughter, Kenya, lives with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Action Canada is thrilled to congratulate Patient Partner, Tamara Beardy, on her recent 900K walk to raise awareness about diabetes. The run, […]

Beyond clinical trials: How to leverage your story in diabetes research

19 September 2023
Have you ever wondered how diabetes researchers decide what to explore and investigate? Or what it’s like to participate in a study? Have you ever had an idea you cared about and wished someone could research? There are many different types of studies with very different commitment levels. Join us for a webinar that will […]

Facts on Diabetes

  • A diabetes diagnosis occurs every 3 minutes in Canada

  • Over 3 Million Canadians have diabetes and millions more are at risk of developing diabetes

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working-age Canadians

  • Diabetes and its complications cost the health care system $27 billion in 2018

  • Up to half of Canadian Indigenous Adolescents have multiple risk factors for type-2 diabetes


Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

Ensuring that research results are shared effectively with those who can implement them and with end users.
Digital Health Solutions for Learning Health Systems

Digital Health Solutions for Learning Health Systems

Using health data to better understand those living with diabetes and transform diabetes self-management.
Patient Engagement Through an EDI Lens

Patient Engagement Through an EDI Lens

Engaging people with diabetes as active partners in health research to maximize the benefits of research for all communities.

Get Involved

Become a Patient Partner

Become a Patient Partner

Diabetes Action Canada aims to integrate the patient perspective into every step of the research process including developing research questions, defining research objectives, collecting data and evaluating results; however, while some patients have the readiness to contribute as full members of research teams, others may bring a range of expertise such as in ethics or as knowledge brokers.


Our partners share in our mission to transform the health outcomes of people with diabetes and its related complications. Industry stakeholders have the opportunity to partner with Diabetes Action Canada, the first and only nation-wide collaborative network focused on the prevention of diabetes complications, and play an active role in achieving our goals.