By kristalamb
Posted date: March 30, 2017

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Our Diabetes Action Canada Scientific Leads, Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators,
patient representatives and key stakeholder representatives will convene in Toronto at our annual workshop on May 26, 27.

The purpose of this face-to-face meeting is to evaluate our progress to date and advance strategic planning for the next year and beyond. This networking experience is critically important for the development of new opportunities to build collaborative relationships. We aim to better understand how our major projects can be integrated for optimal outcomes including translation of knowledge into practical solutions for individuals living with diabetes.  After a year of start-up and much progress, our workshop will highlight all of our projects in Patient-Engagement, Indigenous Health, Retinopathy Screening, Health Informatics, Clinical Trials, Teaching and Mentoring, Knowledge Translation, Sex&Gender – focused on impact. In advance of the two day workshop, our Patient Councils will meet and prepare to advise our deliberations during the visioning and strategic planning of our research and capacity building. As part of our proceedings, the Steering Council and the Standing Committee on Strategic Partnering and Innovations will meet and then advise us during our workshop deliberations. We look forward to this exciting opportunity to network with all those engaged in Diabetes Action Canada.


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