Diabetes Canada Provides Funding Support for Knowledge Mobilization Program

Graphic featuring two heads with the top open, a tiny woman is putting images representing knowledge  into one to transfer to the other

As we move into phase two of Diabetes Action Canada, the Network has a clear goal of translating the research and learnings from our first phase into understandable and implementable deliverables that aim to better support those living with diabetes in Canada. To further this, we are pleased to announce funding support from Diabetes Canada for our Mobilizing Knowledge and Implementing Equitable and Cost-Effective Health and Social Care Services for Persons Living with Diabetes in Canada project.

“In order for all of the work done over the past six years to really have an impact on the health of people living with diabetes, it must be shared effectively,” says Diabetes Action Canada Executive Director, Tracy McQuire. “Our Knowledge Mobilization team, led by Dr. Monika Kastner, has developed tools to optimize the sustainability and scalability of our research learnings. This crucial funding from Diabetes Canada will ensure outcomes are easily accessible to the community and adopted more readily into practice and policy.”

This funding will support Diabetes Action Canada in having a Knowledge Mobilization team member embedded with each research program. This means that throughout the project, there will be an emphasis on how these findings will be explained, shared and used by those who could benefit. This is a much more effective process, as too often Knowledge Mobilization is left to the end, when needed changes cannot be made and valuable opportunities for successful implementation are lost. This new process also allows the planning for how to spread and scale research findings to happen simultaneously with the research itself.

“Diabetes Canada is excited about our continued partnership and funding support for the ongoing work of Diabetes Action Canada,” says Laura Syron, President & CEO, Diabetes Canada. “The Knowledge Mobilization Program will help bridge the gap between science and practice through engagement with the diabetes community. This is essential to shaping research projects and innovations in care to help improve the quality of life for those living with diabetes.”

For the Diabetes Action Canada research community and in particular our Patient Partners, making sure the organization’s work moves beyond the lab is a critical step to improving the lives of people living with diabetes. This new Diabetes Canada funding will help ensure that happens.

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