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Environmental scan of knowledge translation tools published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes.

Environmental scan of knowledge translation tools published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes.
By kristalamb
Posted date: October 23, 2020

Dr. Sophie Desroches

Recently, our Knowledge Translation research group, led by Dr. Sophie Desroches, published a paper on their environmental scan of knowledge translation tools in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes.

The paper, Environmental Scan on Canadian Interactive Knowledge Translation Tools to Prevent Diabetes Complications in Patients with Diabetes, identifies existing interactive knowledge translation tools that could help patients and health care professionals prevent diabetes complications in the Canadian context. The team conducted an environmental scan in collaboration with researchers and four patient partners across Canada.

They looked at tools used to prevent diabetes complications that met the following criteria: they were used in a real-life setting; used any instructional method or material; had relevance in the Canadian context, were written in English or French; has been developed and/or published by experts in diabetes complications or by a recognized organization; were created in 2013 or after; and had accessibility online or on paper.

The results of this study inform Canadian stakeholders interested in the prevention of diabetes complications to avoid unnecessary duplication, identify gaps in knowledge and support implementation of these tools in clinical and patients’ decision-making.

Read the paper here.

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