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Ananya Tina Banerjee



Ananya’s unique dual training in qualitative and quantitative research methods enables her to study the social determinants and lived experiences of diabetes among South Asian migrant communities living in Canada and design health promotion programs for this high-risk ethnic population. The focus of her public health research exemplifies a commitment to providing a strong foundation in methodology guided by principles of the socio-ecological framework, intersectionality, community-based participatory research and cultural safety. Her interdisciplinary research embeds a strong emphasis on community-based participatory research (CBPR), which is grounded in collaboration and partnership. Often, the research questions she pursues are community-defined problems in the context of the social determinants of health using mixed-methods. This allows for the innovative adaptation of existing resources; explores local knowledge and perceptions; empowers people by considering them agents who can investigate their own situations. She examines epidemiologic trends, conducts qualitative research, and designs evidence-based health programs. Dr. Banerjee has received multiple research awards and tri-council grants including from CIHR, SSHRC and the Lawson Foundation that has recognized the novelty and value of her research

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