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Bruce Perkins



Bruce Perkins’ research platform, research leadership, clinical practice, and advocacy work has focused entirely on strategies to improve the lives of those, like himself, living with type 1 diabetes. Using cohort and trial methods, his research has focused on 1) Early biomarkers and mechanisms of diabetes complications, and 2) complications prevention through artificial pancreas technologies and add-on-to-insulin drug therapies. Among leadership in other projects funded by CIHR, NIH, and JDRF, he sits on the Executive of the historic but ongoing “DCCT/EDIC” Study (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications), and co-leads the Innovations in Type 1 Diabetes Goal Group within the Diabetes Action Canada national patient-oriented research strategy. He has been awarded the Canadian Diabetes Association/CIHR Young Scientist Award, and the Gerald Wong Service Award from Diabetes Canada, for his research and advocacy.

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Innovations in Type 1 Diabetes

Creating collaborative patient-oriented research programs that enables innovative research in T1D.

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