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Joseph Cafazzo

PhD PEng


Dr. Joseph Cafazzo is the inaugural Wolfond Chair in Digital Health and Senior Investigator Center for Digital Therapeutics, University Health Network. As a biomedical engineer, Dr. Cafazzo observes healthcare delivery from the inside-out and works on ways to keep people out of hospital by creating technologies that allow for self-care at home. Since 2004, he has led the team to perform academic research and human factors evaluation services for private companies and public institutions, including national and provincial governmental agencies, start-ups and multi-national companies, and clinical patient safety leaders. Over time he has built an intricate network of clinicians, designers, engineers, researchers, that challenge the norms of healthcare and enable patients and their families. Together they push the boundaries of what’s possible, which has led to the creation of technologies that act to facilitate patient self-care of complex chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, end-stage renal disease and congestive heart failure.

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Associated Programs

Digital Health Solutions for Learning Health Systems

Using health data to better understand those living with diabetes and transform diabetes self-management.

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