By kristalamb
Posted date: January 24, 2021


We’re pleased to announce the launch of Connect1d Canada, a patient-driven digital platform that allows those with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to easily learn about innovative treatments from across Canada, while contributing to research in the areas that matter most to them. Connect1d also allows researchers to easily engage people living with T1D from across Canada, enabling rapid recruitment of diverse patients into research studies.

The platform addresses some of the major barriers, including awareness and understanding of available research projects, that exist in T1D research. By providing this direct link between people living with the condition and researchers focused in this area, more people living with T1D become aware of opportunities, and research teams have a more diverse pool of candidates to work with.

Connect1d Canada was co-designed by people living with T1D and researchers, ensuring that the needs and wants of both groups were incorporated. It is an opt-in registry, which means that any Canadian adult with T1D can choose to share their information with research teams. Those participating control how their information is shared and with whom.

Visit the Connect1d Canada website.
Listen to the Actions on Diabetes podcast episode about this topic.
Watch our recent webinar on the project.


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