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Patient Engagement the Next Generation

This webinar features some of our most successful approaches of patient engagement in shaping our research projects.  Topics and presenters include:

  • Strengthening the Collaborations Between Patient Research Partners and Researchers
    • Presented by: Sasha Delorme on behalf of the Collective Patient Circle
  • A Digital Platform to Accelerate Research and Build Community
    • Presented by Shivani Goyal
  • Answering questions that matter to people living with diabetes using the Canadian National Diabetes Repository
    • Presented by: Holly Witteman and Dana Greenberg
  • Engaging Patient and Public Research Partners in the Aging, Community & Health Research Unit (ACHRU) Community Partnership Program for Diabetes Self-Management for Older Adults – Canada.
    • Presented by: Ron Beleno and Rebecca Ganann
  • Barriers and enablers to attending diabetic retinopathy screening experienced by immigrants to Canada from multiple cultural and linguistic minority groups
    • Presented by: Joyce Dogba

*Moderator: Tracy McQuire

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