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Beyond Clinical Trials: How to leverage your story in diabetes research

Have you ever wondered how diabetes researchers decide what to explore and investigate? Or what it’s like to participate in a study? Have you ever had an idea you cared about and wished someone could research? There are many different types of studies with very different commitment levels. Join us for a webinar that will explain how your lived expertise of diabetes can inform research. Find out how you might be able to participate in studies tailored to your interests or even co-design or co-lead studies. Patient-oriented research is a practice that aims to centre those with lived and living experience in all the research processes, from deciding what question to explore, to collecting the data, writing the report, and sharing the findings. Learn from researchers, and people living with diabetes about how they are co-leading important patient-oriented research projects and how you can get involved too.

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Patient Engagement the Next Generation

Patient Engagement the Next Generation

This webinar features some of our most successful approaches of patient engagement in shaping our research projects.