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By kristalamb
Posted date: August 05, 2022


Diabetes Action Canada’s next phase is launching, with exciting new programs and plans that will take the learnings from the last six years and begin the process of implementing them to improve health outcomes.

This second stage is made possible thanks to a new round of funding from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and matching funds from our partner organizations across the country. This continued support for Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Networks like ours will allow us to continue to connect patients with lived experience with researchers, health professionals and health system decision-makers across Canada.

“Diabetes Action Canada 2.0. is an important next step for our organization,” says Executive Director, Tracy McQuire. “This funding will allow us to scale the findings we’ve made and work with our partners to create sustainable, long-term programs.”

In phase one, Diabetes Action Canada laid the groundwork for success. Projects funded and supported by the Network helped improve access to screening for diabetic eye disease and foot ulcers. These initiatives have the potential to reduce the complications of diabetes, including vision loss and amputation. The organization also developed the National Diabetes Repository, which provides researchers with access to health care data that can be mined for critical information about the needs of Canadians living with diabetes and ways to improve access and care. Other programs focused on increasing support for older adults with diabetes and reducing diabetes risk for Indigenous populations.

Phase two of Diabetes Action Canada’s strategic plan has an emphasis on knowledge translation and mobilization, as well as digital and data-driven solutions, community and population-based surveillance, mental health support and increased access to health care services for those from marginalized groups. In addition, Diabetes Action Canada will focus more resources on support for policy change, including work already underway to develop a National Diabetes Strategy for Canada.

“For the Diabetes Action Canada research community and in particular our Patient Partners, making sure the organization’s work moves beyond the lab is a critical step to improving the lives of people living with diabetes,” says Dr. Gary Lewis, Co-Scientific Lead for Diabetes Action Canada. “We look forward to working with all of our Network members to bring real and actionable change to those in our diabetes community.”

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