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By kristalamb
Posted date: September 28, 2020

Diabetes Action Canada is excited to continue it’s webinar series in October with our research spotlight featuring our Knowledge Translation program. Please note that all presentations will occur in French

Below you will see the list of topics and presentations for this October webinar series:

Tuesday October 6th at 1PM EST

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Personal Impact Story: Lanie Deslauriers

  • ScaLing up sharEd decision makinG for pAtient-centred Care (LEGACy) in home care
    • Presented by: Karine Plourde

Canadian seniors/caregivers in home care could benefit from shared decision making and become fully engaged as partners in their care.  Although excellent tools for shared decision making have been developed the challenge is scaling these tools for wider use.  Dr. France Legare, co-lead for the Diabetes Action Canada Knowledge Translation Enabling Program discusses her CIHR Foundation Scheme Grant to scale shared decision making in home care.  

  • Development of standards for a reporting guideline for studies assessing the impact of scaling up strategies – SUCCEED
    • Presented by: Amédé Gogovor

Scaling successful health interventions has no defined process, leaving many interested in scaling their intervention with little to no guidance.  Amédé Gogovor, discusses an approach to reporting scaling studies using a patient-oriented and sex and gender lens.

  • Integration of notions of sex and gender in interventions aimed at promoting the adoption of shared decision-making by health professionals: secondary analysis of a Cochrane systematic review
    • Presented by: Lionel Adisso

Shared decision making has been proven favourable to patients and healthcare teams.  Integrating sex and gender considerations have also had proven benefit in treatment plan for diabetes, but how often are the two combined?  Lionel Adisso, shares his results from evaluating these two concepts together.

*Moderated by: Olivia Drescher

Wednesday October 21th at 11AM EST

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Personal Impact Story: Nicole Ruel

  • Sleeping habits among adults living with diabetes: Understanding to develop better interventions to prevent complications associated with diabetes
    • Presented by: Lydi-Anne Vézina-Im

 What is the secret to a good night’s sleep for those living with diabetes? Lydi-Anne Vezina-Im, Diabetes Action Canada Knowledge Translation Awardee, will share her findings on what people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes believe is their secret to a successful snooze.

  • Research on Patient-Oriented Scaling Up (RePOS)
    • Presented by: Ali Ben Charif

As researchers gather evidence of successful research initiative at the local scale there is increased interest in scaling these innovation to reach more region in Canada and increasing access to more people. Dr. Ali Ben Charif, discusses a multi-stakeholder approach including, Patient Partners, to create a framework for patient and public involvement in scaling-up health research innovations.

 Scaling-up Potential for Health Innovations: Status in Canada

    • Presented by: Ali Ben Charif

Canadian researchers gather evidence through countless pilot projects, but how to researchers scale their ideas to more places in the country? Dr. Ali Ben Charif, discusses the current state and process for scaling health research innovations and key success factors.

 *Moderated by: France Legare


Program provides relevant supports for older adults with diabetes

Moving Beyond Just Sex and Gender