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Dr. Val Rac and Ryan Hooey participate in Diabetes Canada Webinar

Dr. Val Rac and Ryan Hooey participate in Diabetes Canada Webinar
By kristalamb
Posted date: January 13, 2023

Recently, Diabetes Action Canada’s Dr. Val Rac and Patient Partner Ryan Hooey appeared on a Diabetes Canada webinar presentation about diabetic retinopathy and sight loss.

The webinar, hosted by Brooks Roche, discusses the importance of annual screening and talks about the Diabetes Action Canada diabetic retinopathy screening program, which Dr. Rac is leading.

Watch the video now!

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Valeria Rac


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Dr. Cindy Bell to lead Diabetes Action Canada’s Steering Council

Dr. Cindy Bell to lead Diabetes Action Canada’s Steering Council

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In Memory of Clarence Nepinak