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New resource helps you better understand how health data is used

New resource helps you better understand how health data is used
By kristalamb
Posted date: March 03, 2022

In February, launched. With support and information from Diabetes Action Canada staff and researchers, this new resource aims to help people feel more confident about the ways in which their health data is shared to support research.

When it comes to health data, many people don’t understand how it is collected and the many ways in can be used (completely anonymously) to support better health outcomes for everyone.

My Health Data Path explains what data is, how it is generated, how it is anonymized, and some of the responsible uses for this data. It walks users through the journey or their data using easy-to-follow dialogue and patient-experience examples from our healthcare system.

“The goal is to show patients that there are meaningful connections in data,” says Conrad Pow, Diabetes Action Canada’s Senior Project Manager, who has been supporting this project. “We want to show how data can save lives.”

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