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Diabetes Action Canada on AsPERUsual Podcast

Diabetes Action Canada on AsPERUsual Podcast
By kristalamb
Posted date: April 25, 2024

On this latest episode of asPERusual – a podcast for practical patient engagement, host Anna Maria Chudyk interviewed our very own Tracy McQuire and Linxi Mytkolli to learn about the different ways in which our Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research network is committed to improving the lives of persons living with diabetes.

Regardless of whether diabetes is your research focus, this episode is of interest to anyone conducting interdisciplinary or knowledge-user-driven research. Tune in or read the interactive transcript to learn all about:

  • How Diabetes Action Canada | CIHR SPOR Network brings together diverse groups of knowledge users and guides them in finding a common language and space for them to work together to make better research, better policy, and better programs to better the lives of people living with diabetes;
  • Our innovative approach to evaluation (at the network and individual level);
  • The depth and breadth of involvement and engagement opportunities within the network, as well as their benefits; and
  • Key takeaways including the applicability of patient engagement across the spectrum of research and the need to democratize how we do patient engagement.

Visit the podcast’s website, or download wherever you access your other podcasts.

Featured in Article

Tracy McQuire


Linxi Mytkolli

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